Your personal voice assistant.

Use your voice to control your home, order food, or call an Uber

How it Works

Hey Athena provides an open-source framework for developers to build on. Developers send modules their to our cloud servers. Users can then download these modules to their personal voice assistant.

Add Modules

Hey Athena Nest


If you have a smart thermostat, you can use its API to write a module and control your home temperature with your voice.

Hey Athena Grades


If your grades are posted online, you can create a module that will fetch those grades for you. Then you can have Athena list them out for you.


Hey Athena is just getting started. We are planning to add features such as an HTTP RESTful API, machine learning, and a module "marketplace"

Join the Community

Hey Athena Reddit


We are working on getting a forum set up so that we can have more effective collaboration.

Hey Athena GitHub


If you want to contribute to Hey Athena, you can go to our GitHub and clone our repository. Follow the instructions listed on the repository page.