For troubleshooting, use the “Developer (GitHub) Installation”. Post any issues (with detailed error messages) to the GitHub repository. It is highly recommended that you use a virtual environment such as “anaconda” or “miniconda” for a clean installation.

Ubuntu/Raspberry Pi/Linux

NOTE: Better Raspberry Pi support is coming in future versions

  • For Python 2, replace python3 with python
  • sudo apt-get update -y
  • sudo apt-get install -y python3 build-essential swig portaudio19-dev python3-pyaudio flac libpulse-dev
  • sudo pip3 install HeyAthena
  • Install AVBin 10: - Choose 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your OS/python version - 32-bit: wget - 64-bit: wget wget - chmod +x ./install-avbin-linux-XXX-XX-v10 - sudo ./install-avbin-linux-XXX-XX-v10
  • python3
  • >>> from athena import __main__


  • Install SWIG (can be removed after installing):
  • python -m pip install pyaudio
  • Install AVBin 10 (for audio):
  • pip3 install HeyAthena
  • Now open up Python 3 and run >>> from athena import __main__

Mac OS X

  • Using Homebrew package manager, type brew install swig
  • brew install portaudio pip install pyaudio
  • Install AVBin 10:
  • pip3 install HeyAthena
  • Now open up Python 3 and run >>> from athena import __main__

Developer (GitHub) Installation

  • Install SWIG, PyAudio, and AVBin using the directions above (depending on your operating system)
  • pip install -U pip setuptools wheel
  • pip3 install -U pocketsphinx pyaudio SpeechRecognition pyglet gTTS pyyaml wolframalpha selenium
  • Clone or download the hey-athena-client git repository
  • Add C:\path\to\hey-athena-client to your PYTHONPATH system or user environment variable
    • Eclipse (PyDev) has an option for this while importing the project from Git
  • cd hey-athena-client-master\client
  • python

Okay I think I’ve installed everything. Now what?

  • If all goes well, create a user, say “Athena”, and ask her a question!

  • If errors occur, try debugging by importing athena unit tests:
    • from athena.tests import dependencies_test
    • from athena.tests import input_test
    • from athena.tests import mic_test
  • Otherwise post an issue describing the error to the GitHub repository linked above

  • Continue to personalize Athena by writing your own module

  • You can add modules/edit the client in Python’s site-packages/athena folder